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Is your drain blocked?
Do you have an issue with your drainage?

Is there a funny smell in your kitchen? Then call Blocked Drain Southampton TODAY! We are a 24 hour specialist drain service, operating in all areas of Southampton. Call Blocked Drain Southampton now on 0238 184 9826! We offer a variety of solutions, including drain jetting and rodding. We work domestically and commercially. We can unblock sinks, drains, toilets, kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

As soon as you notice slow draining, flooding or pungent smells coming from your drains, you should call us today for a free no-obligation quote on 0238 184 9826 – you can be sure that we’re always there to help! Even if you’re not sure, give us a call and we won’t charge for unnecessary service.  Signs of a blocked drain include: slow drainage, sewage entering your home, and flooding. 


We don’t only save you time but money by working fast to get your drain unblocked.


We are experts in all areas of drainage including drain maintenance and drain clearance.


Our CCTV services help you discover whether drains are cracked or collapsed.


Our same day response times help you fight blockages & other problems as quickly as possible.

24/7 emergency call out service

Need Help Now? Call Us!

Professional Local Service with Blocked Drain Southampton

As proud plumbers to Southampton and the local residents and businesses there, we at Blocked Drain Southampton are highly skilled, professional drain engineers. We have been in the trade for many years and therefore have unquestionable experience with all sorts of drainage issues. Nothing is too big or too small. Too complex or a stupid question. We are here to put your mind at rest by providing fast and effective solutions that will work first-time. We also provide advice on how to maintain healthy drains so as to prevent further complications in the future.

24/7 Emergency Call Outs

24/7 Emergency Call Outs

Blocked drain Southampton are your umber one for drain services in and around the Southampton area. We’re quick to respond to any emergency or non emergency drain issues and can be with you in no time at all or a tie to suit you due to our hard working around the clock 24/7 office team and drain specialists working 365 days of the year to ensure you always have someone to count on to sort your drain problems and make them a thing of the past, today!

No Call Out Charge

No Call Out Charge

Blocked drain Southampton are your local go to comprehensive drains service for the Southampton and surrounding areas. Something else that stands out about blocked drain Southampton is that we deliver the best service for the best price. Our pricing is entirely transparent – no hidden fees and no call out fees. Further, we are continually reviewing them to ensure that they are the most competitive in Southampton. We want all customers to be able to afford drain unblocking services and this is what our prices are based on.

1 hour response time

1 hour response time

Most jobs are completed within an hour, and with a response time of 2 hours we can guarantee that your drains will be taken care of quickly and efficiently, leaving you to get on with the rest of your day with minimal disruption or fuss. Blocked Drain Southampton have years of experience in the industry, and come highly recommended from a wealth of clients both past and present so you know you can rely on our team to give you the highest standards of work. 

See Why Homeowners in Southampton Choose to Work with Us

Stephen Prescott
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Outstanding service. First Local were called out to a blocked drain causing overflowing toilets in our school. I had just started as premises manager and had no information regarding the layout of the drains but Jordan quickly diagnosed the problem and dealt with it. We will be taking out a service contract with First Local to avoid future problems.
Thomas Johnson
Read More
Amazing Service from First Local. Kyle the engineer was outstanding in his help in first clearing the blockage and then repairing the whole drainage system. The job had many challenges but he persisted in getting it complete. Competitive pricing and would definitely recommend.
Nicola McCormack
Read More
Excellent service from first phone call to Kerry to ‘job done’ by Ryan. Sympathetic, calm, reassuring people and so speedy. Superb.
Mr Richard Jones
Read More
No complaints, they came, sorted out the problem I had issues...
Read More
Prompt service. Workman arrived within 2 hours of my phone call and fixed the drain blockage no problem!
Mrs Edenborough
Read More
I phoned First Local Services and they had a member of the team at my property the next morning. He talked mr through every stage to discuss why he needed to do and check I knew what the cost would be. He performed miracles and advised me of some damage to the drains, which are 120 years old to be fair, which needed to be sorted out to stop the blockages happening on a regular basis.Kerry in the office was a joy and Customer Service all the way through was excellent. I would definitely recommend First Local Services!
Tidworth golf club
Read More
Seeing as this was the first time of using them, they were very accommodating & the prices quoted were spot on. when the invoice was paid we received a receipt straight away.
Read More
Really great service, the guys worked tirelessly to find the source of my blocked drain, which they did. They gave clear communication throughout and were very keen to rectify my issue before bringing the expensive machinery/labour out! They also did a great job of tidying up afterwards. I hope I never get a blocked drain again but if I do I shall certainly call these guys again.
Mr Tony Welch
Read More
I just wanted to say how impressed we were with not only the rapid response times to my mums sewerage issues, but also how knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating the guys were when they arrived. Clearly, with my mum being elderly this was an extremely difficult situation for her to comprehend so the lads explained everything to her step by step. Many many thanks guys.
Marielle Taylor
Read More
Great service, extremely friendly and professional
Read More
Thank you for your efficient service. Much more reasonable than expected & had a great customer service. Would recommend
Luke James
Read More
Great company, fast response to my call out and reasonably priced.
Read More
Had these guys out as I had a blocked drain. They came out same day and was very happy with the speedy service they provided. Will recommend & use again if needed. Thanks
Genevieve Mahony
Read More
Wow . Amazing prompt service form these guys . Job prices very reasonably and response was quick too. I’d definitely recommend this company again
J.M. Ferguson
Read More
Your employees were most pleasant and helpful. The work on my drains was done efficiently. The drains were cleared and the new interior drains inserted into my old porclain drainpipies without any delay. A job very well done, thank you.
J.M. Ferguson
Read More
Your employees were most pleasant and helpful. The work on my drains was done efficiently. The drains were cleared and the new interior drains inserted into my old porclain drainpipies without any delay. A job very well done, thank you.

We know what it feels like when you discover a blockage, it can leave a bad smell and sometimes it’s a pain to get someone to sort it. We also know that blocked drains tend to turn up at the worst times financially. That’s why we thought it’d be useful to tell you about how you can help prevent a blocked drain and then a call out.

We’ll start with internal blockages, these are your kitchen sinks and your toilets. To prevent a blockage you need to know what causes one, the most common cause of a kitchen sink blockage is build ups of fats and oils and for toilets the most common culprits are sanitary products. All of these are avoidable and you can actually go a long way to prevent a blockage by just being careful when disposing of these things and avoiding the temptation to flush them down the toilet or wash them down the sink.

External drains are a bit more difficult this is because the main causes are piles of leaves and tree roots and these are natural and therefore much harder to prevent. Not to worry, as we don’t just unblock drains! We also clean and maintain your drains using a rotary mechanical drain cleaning system, one of our technicians will insert a spring with a cutting arm into your pipe and as it goes along the machinery will clean and descale your pipes in the hopes of returning them to their original diameter.

Call us today and speak with one of our trained advisers about what we can do for you today!

Many who come to us are unaware of what happens during a drain survey or how an inside CCTV check can help them. Both for residential needs and requirements as well as for commercial use. A drain survey by your blocked drain Southampton specialists will provide you with information and insight into the problem that you are investigating.

Blocked drain Southampton for an inside the pipe view. With new technologies and far reach state of the art equipment. A drain survey from our experts will cover your every turn and corner inside of your pipes. A common issue that a blocked drain Southampton expert is hired to do a drain survey for. Is recurrent blockage issues and persistently slow drains. In such cases, where an issue keeps taking time from your day to day, the understanding workers here understands your frustration. We understand well that you have better and more important things to spend your time on than to resolve the same issue over and over again.

Speak to the blocked drain Southampton technicians here now. A simple phone call and a few minutes of your time to find the expert help you need to resolve your drain issue.

After the cause of the issue has been located, a plan can be made and put into action. One in which were blocked drain Southampton helps you resolve a difficult reoccurring issues once and for all. The spot light operation and the surgical precision brought by our clog clearing experts will leave your drain health in the best condition possible. With guarantees and with a friendly approach. Your local blocked drain Southampton are the ones to ask in times of need.

Other plumbing solutions and drain clearance services are also available at times that suit your schedule. Feel free to give us a ring any time you like.

Blocked drain Southampton Offer a 24/7 365 day a year service and we’re very proud about it too, we work tirelessly around the clock to ensure no one is left with a blocked drain in Southampton and we make sure the people of Southampton always have someone to call about a blockage, whether that be a toilet blockage or a sink blockage or even a blocked drain. We don’t strictly clear commercial drains and we would certainly never turn our noses up at a job for being too small. We have the appropriate pricing and tools for any blockage you may have, at home or at work!

Blocked Drain Southampton

Just call our lines today and you can speak to one of our trained advisors about our 24/7 service that covers the whole of Southampton for blockages of any sort. Not only that, but if you’re in an emergency, we can get to you fast. Call us now and one of our trained advisors will be able to guide you through your call in a matter of minutes, and we could send someone out before you’ve even put the phone down. Talk to us today and see what we can do for you in a hurry!

Contact Blocked Drain Southampton for all manner of drainage services, including:

  • Blocked toilets, sinks, showers, baths, drains, dishwashers, washing machines
  • Emergency plumbing services 24/7
  • Drain relining
  • Excavations
  • Root removals
  • Manual rodding and high pressure water jetting
  • Flood damage
  • Sewer repairs
  • CCTV camera surveys and home buyer surveys

We here at blocked drain Southampton have been doing this type of for 20 years and while our methods of fighting blocked drains have improved beyond belief, some things have stayed the same. We’ve tackle big external blockages on building sites and we’ve seen the smaller blocked residential toilet, we don’t have particular favorite, in fact we dislike them all. But over the years we’ve noticed a few things, about a particular kind of blockage and to us this information makes it seem like a lot of these blockages could’ve been avoided by the home owners being a little more careful with what they put down toilet.

Blocked Drain Southampton We know it’s probably not the best business model to be telling our potential customers how to avoid using our service, but our only business model here at blocked drain Southampton is to eradicate all Southampton blockages and we also think if we can do this before the blockages even form then we’re doing a pretty good job, wouldn’t you agree?

So to know how to properly prevent a blockage we must first loom at what causes this type of blockage we should look at what causes this type of blockage, and when talking about an internal drain blockage toilets mostly get blocked by sanitary products and other stuff like paper towels and cotton buds which are all preventable. If your drain is already blocked, don’t fret it’s never too late to call blocked drain Southampton! All us as soon as you’re sure or if you’re not phone us anyway and we can help you.

We are able to carry out fully comprehensive CCTV Surveys & Investigations which can assist with the buying and selling of any properties. Our engineers will arrive on site at a time that suits you, carry out the CCTV Survey, we then compile the report, a site plan/map and all the footage straight back to you and assist with any additional information needed to help the purchase or sale of your home.

Yes, all of our engineers are fully equipped to carry out drainage repairs both small and large. Our state of the art machinery and technology onboard allows us to identify any arising issues and offer a 5 star service to bring your system fully up to date.
Did you know we are also able to offer finance on all repair works, speak to a member of our team today to discuss. We also offer a 10 year guarantee on all repair works carried out.

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Private, local, non corporate at Blocked Drain Southampton

With years of experience and expertise within the drainage industry operating as a private, local, non corporate owned business. The team take great care and pride in each and every job, whatever the size or situation and ensure all of our work is carried out to the highest standard.Blocked drain backing up Southampton

Services are available all year round 24/7 with competitive, affordable and fixed pricing. You can call also to get quick assistance with regards to flooding situations, burst pipe disasters and much more.

24 hour availability for emergencies is a given, and part of the great customer service principles we hold, although, of course a full array of regular services is also available, quickly, and at your convenience.

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Proudly serving the Southampton area, please call us on 0238 184 9826

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Blocked Drain Southampton Customer Service

Here at blocked Drain Southampton we take customer service very seriously, over the past 20 years of service we’ve seen many businesses start up and then close because they just weren’t serious about customer service. We’re not referring to the same customer service you’re thinking of with the buzzwords and jargon and 3 pages of lies on a corporations website about how they treat their customers better than any other company, then throw all of that out when you start reaching for your pocket.Blocked Drain Southampton

We think this is terrible practice and we’re glad that no one has been able to get away with it for long on a small scale. Customer service to us is making sure you go that extra mile to ensure your customers time using your business was as painless as it could possibly be.

We’ve even heard of businesses charging customers more based on where they live, which we think is despicable. We take an active approach in ensuring our customer service is the best it can possibly be. We do this by offering our customers the opportunity to speak to one of our trained advisors over the phone on our phone ines that are open 24/7 365 days a year. Just one of the ways we actively show our customers that we care and that we’re not just saying it!

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