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A CCTV drain survey is as much a constant as drainage problems are. It’s one thing to know your drainage has developed a problem, and it is another thing to get it fixed. However, the trick in the entire process lies in detecting the exact location of the problem. You cannot fix something that you cannot put the finger on. Sometimes, the drainage problems are not so overt and cannot be detected with one glance.

Blocked Drains Southampton has CCTV drainage survey experts, people with experience and skill. We understand that some of these problems are remote and difficult to detect. So, we’ve charted a regimen that involves the utilization of sophisticated equipment to survey the drainage site and give us eyes where our eyes can’t go.

We will respond to your calls if your drainage requires a CCTV drain inspection or if you need our help inspecting the drainage system at the house you want to buy.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today at 0238 184 9826 for quality CCTV drain service. We fix issues in no time.


No “professional” would like to admit this, but inspections executed with the naked eye aren’t always perfect. There’s much room for error because issues like cracks, for instance, are not always overtly evident. But a CCTV drain survey is the real deal because, in place of the naked eye, there’s a sophisticated camera with high resolution that captures everything – and we mean everything. If we profess proficiency and efficiency in our work, we can go the entire length to ensure we deliver that to you. We understand how excuses must sound to someone with a faulty drainage system.

The reports from the survey are elaborate – owing to our equipment – and can now help you make more informed decisions. But that’s not all. These reports also enable us to deliver prompt feedback on how much the job’s going to cost.

There’s no place in Southampton that’s out of reach for us. Give us a call wherever you are. We can fix that impossible drainage problem or deliver a top-notch, affordable home buyers drain survey. We’re the ones to see when you think of “CCTV drain survey near me.”

CCTV Drain Survey Service Southampton

Give us a call at 0238 184 9826, or demand an inspection through our contact page.

Which Equipment Do We Use?

The perfect CCTV drain survey comprises highly functional equipment working in sync to deliver cohesive and indisputable results. And these are some of the devices that help us:

  • Waterproof Cameras

To be able to assess the situation, we need eyes. High-grade cameras become our eyes, but they also need to be strong enough to avoid being spoilt by the moisture, but most importantly, to avoid crumbling under the water pressure. Additionally, we also use the cameras to take recordings of the drainage to reassess the situation later for better judgment.

  • Access Rods

These help to hold up and navigate the camera for better recording and monitoring. A robust access rod is a prerequisite to shake-free and high quality recording.

  • Crawlers

The accurate solutions require accurate detections, and the best way to get them is to be in on the action. However, the apparent problem is that we’re just too huge to fit into those pipes. And that’s how crawlers save the day.

Small and incredibly agile, crawlers can navigate pipes, even those with seemingly impossible freedom for movement. This way, we ensure that no complication stays hidden from us.

  • SONAR Unit

Sometimes, cameras aren’t enough to determine drainage problems. In such cases, we revert to SONAR, using sound to detect any obstacles the cameras cannot reach. This helps us deliver optimum results and solutions. And you wonder why we’re the best when it comes to CCTV drain survey in Southampton?


Our CCTV drain inspection is both productive and efficient. It saves you the cost of repairs, which would have been the case if we had gone the traditional way and dug instead.

Here’s how we do it:

  • The routine has to start with your call, of course. When you discover you have a problem, call us, and an engineer will be available for support.
  • The engineer sets out to your location immediately, so you don’t have to suffer the drainage problem any more than you have to.
  • The engineer consults with you, gets the problems you’ve been getting from the drainage system, so he can know the particular tools to use.
  • The engineer moves to the site of the drainage problem. The difficulty and volume of the project determine the team’s size, given that there is a timeframe we must meet.
  • A CCTV camera goes into your drainage system. The engineer chooses the camera holder based on the details of the environment.
  • The engineer now has access to a visual of the drainage’s internal workings. Here the problems present themselves, and he takes notes while hatching a plan.
  • The engineer extracts the camera when the drain inspection is successful. Then he will reveal the results of his examination, which typically includes the parts that need attention.
  • The final step depends solely on you, just as in the first step. We can go ahead to fix the problems, or you can dismiss us. If you choose to have the issues resolved, our engineer gives you a cost estimation. You can also choose whatever time works best for you.


Southampton CCTV Drainage Survey
CCTV drain survey Southampton
CCTV Drain Surveys

Got a plumbing problem? Contact us by calling our office at 0238 184 9826, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.

Kate Porch
Kate Porch
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I’ve never been more frustrated in my life than when I couldn’t just find the reason why the drain in the bathroom sink refused to take water. At first, I thought it was an ordinary blockage in the pipe. But that wasn’t the case. I was almost reaching boiling point when I came upon Blocked Drains, Southampton. Their CCTV drain survey is the best in Southampton. They solved the drainage problem in no time. It’s simply amazing.
Arthur Freeman
Arthur Freeman
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These guys are real life-savers. I had this house I was so fixated on buying. It was a fine duplex. Everything was in perfect shape, and then a friend advised that I get the drainage system checked as well. He recommended Blocked Drains, Southampton, for their quite sophisticated drain survey service. Their inspection revealed that the drainage system needed extensive repair, if not a total replacement. They saved me from unplanned spending.
Gavin Finn
Gavin Finn
Laser Light Skin Clinic
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We have a large medical practice and needed help with some issues we were having with the lights in our exam rooms. Logan from came out and fixed everything. Fair price and EXCELLENT...
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