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No one likes the sink messy! Or the drains blocked. You have probably once yelled at your bathtub or kitchen sink: “Can’t you just let the water flow?!”

 If you have issues with your kitchen sinks or bathroom drains, or those naughty clogs keep returning despite your best efforts at keeping them away. Or you are just tired of trying to unblock those drains again and again. Well, breathe!

 You are at the right place!

 You are just a call away from putting an end to those nagging kitchen sink and bathroom drain issues. That’s right. At Southampton Drains Unblocking Services, that’s what we do. And we’ve been specialists at it for many years.

Our drain unblocking services are reputed as the best and the neatest in the whole of Southampton and its environs. Whether it’s a residential or commercial building, home, office, or factory, if it’s in Southampton, we’re your best bet! We also deliver on time. Every time! Ask around!  And there’s more: our services are quite affordable. More affordable than you think.

All across Southampton, we have provided solutions to many happy customers for many years, and we plan to keep doing so. We would be glad to serve you and let wastewater flow freely to where it belongs: down the drain!

 What’s makes Blocked Drains Southampton unique is that we do not just rectify all kinds of drainage solutions. We also offer expert counsel, at no extra cost, on how to permanently prevent these bugging problems from reoccurring. You can always keep water flowing smoothly, whether at home or work!

Contact the professionals at Southampton Drains by calling our office at 0238 184 9826, or visit our contact page to request a quote.


At Southampton Drains Unblocking Services, we examine, assess, diagnose and unblock drain pipes in residential and official buildings all across Southampton. So, if any of these are of concern to your home or office, contact us immediately.

Do you have problems or need expert help with any of these at home or work?

  • Blocked pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Blocked showers
  • Clearing gullies
  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain jetting
  • Investigating and clearing offensive odors
  • Washing machine flooding
  • Dishwasher flooding
  • Any kind of toilet or kitchen blockage;


Then, we are waiting to serve you!

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What makes Southampton Drains Unblocking Services Unique?

What makes us different from the rest is our expert approach and professionalism. We employ precision and industry-set standards in our job. From the investigation to the delivery of our repair services, Southampton offers the very best cutting-edge technology, all at affordable prices. In bringing excellent services to residents of Southampton, we employ techniques such as

  • High-pressure drain jetting
  • Electro-mechanical cleaning
  • CCTV monitoring for breakages investigation


We also offer excellent preventive measures and maintenance services plan to keep water always flowing in the right direction.

Drain problems don’t just go away just because we wish for them to. Call us NOW before things get out of hand. We have all it takes to restore your drains to perfect working order.

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Got a blocked drain problem? Contact us by calling us at 01202 986990, or visit our contact page to request a quote.

Yes, the culprits. They are the agents of blockage in your drains. Interestingly, they are everyday household items. Let’s look at some of them. 

  • Grease. By this, we mean anything greasy, even soaps. You see, soap is made of fats and oils. They can form stubborn, hardened clogs around the water pathways, especially when the temperature cools. Grease could also include food debris and ground-up food, especially oily ones.
  • Toilet paper, paper towels, pads, and female hygiene items
  • Solid items like rods, stones, rocks, and parts of damaged or broken pipes.
  • Biological growths like algae, bacteria, lime, and other variants can grow in the pathways of air-conditioning pipes, blocking water flow. 

So you see, the blockage can be caused by a lot of things. While these may be the major causes, this list is by no means exhaustive. Each blockage has its peculiarities and requires peculiar solutions for permanent flow.

Perhaps you don’t know if what you’re experiencing is a problem of blocked drains or not. Here are some quick signs to look out for. Some of these signs are quite unnoticeable at the start, so you may need to watch out carefully for them:

 Bubbles in the water closet

  • Delay in disposal of water in sinks
  • Foul odor oozing from drains
  • Stagnant water in your bath
  • Water refusing to drain in your kitchen sink
  • Water rising after flushing your toilet


 If you’ve been noticing any of these signs, whether, at the initial or advanced stage, you need the services of a professional. Trying to fix this yourself could be a bad idea, as many with such experiences can attest.

 So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call. We are available for contact 24 hours of the day, every day.

 At Southampton Drains Unblocking Services, we handle all kinds of drainage problems as quickly as possible. Our team of experts are highly trained to deal with all manner of drainage emergencies. And whenever we’re called, we’ll be there within an hour!

 Remember, we’re also available 24 hours of the day!

John Fahy
John Fahy
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I remember coming home one day and slipping on water leaking out from the bathroom. Rather than get upset about the fall, I was more bothered that this was the third time the pips had been fixed this week. The drainage companies I called kept telling me each time was going to be the last. When I contacted Blocked Drain Southampton I expected to find myself calling another drainage company in a few days. I never needed to do that because after they fixed the pipes, it’s been functioning perfectly.
Sarah O'Neill
Sarah O'Neill
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Jake arrived as scheduled. He was very friendly and efficiently cleared the initial blockage. He then carried out a CCTV survey of the drain and found a metal object in the drain which was causing the ongoing problem. He was able to also remove this. Excellent job done.
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